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Crowdfunding is the practice of funding a project or venture by raising monetary contributions from a large number of people. Charity donation-based crowdfunding is the collective effort of individuals to help charitable causes.

GoFundMe, for example, is a crowdfunding platform that allows people to raise money for events ranging from life events such as celebrations and graduations to challenging circumstances like accidents and illnesses.

A core value of Lone Star Corvette Club is providing support and assistance to Club Members in time of need. When the opportunity to assist a member by making crowdfunding information available to all Club Members is presented to the Board of Directors, the following criteria must be met:

1.       The request for assistance must be made directly to the Club President by a Member in good standing, who will verify the crowdfunding site and the details of the assistance being sought

2.      The Club President will verify directly with the member receiving assistance that the crowdfunding site is legitimate and the publicizing of the crowdfunding site is desired

3.       The Club President will ask the LSCC Board of Directors for a motion to publicize the crowdfunding site on the Club website, by email blast to all Club Members, and/or posting on the Club Facebook Page; discussion of the motion should include the question “Is the purpose of the assistance requested on the crowdfunding site in keeping with the values of Lone Star Corvette Club?”

4.      When publicizing an approved crowdfunding site, the following Disclaimer shall be included: “The publicizing of any crowdfunding site by Lone Star Corvette Club does not guarantee the integrity of the site. Club Members should research any requests before making a donation.”

If the motion to publicize the crowdfunding effort is approved by the Board of Directors, the President will request the LSCC Public Relations Manager to carry out the motion. The PR Manager should monitor the crowdfunding site on a regular basis to ensure compliance with LSCC values. The promotion of the crowdfunding effort is limited to a maximum of 90 days.

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