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Lone Star Award


  • The Lone Star Award was established in 1997 to recognized exceptional service to LSCC. Any LSCC member in good standing may nominate a member to the LSCC Board of Director Officers for this special recognition if they meet the following criteria:

    1. Nominee must be an LSCC member in good standing.
    2. Nominee has consistently contributed to the LSCC for no less than 3 consecutive years and reflects a positive image of the LSCC.

    3. Nominee must be someone that is recognized by the LSCC Board of Director Officers as having made major contributions to the club.

    4. No currently elected LSCC officer, Honorary or Junior LSCC members are eligible for the award.

    5. A unanimous vote by secret ballot from the elected LSCC Board of Director Officers is required.
  • Lone Star Award(s) will be presented at the annual LSCC Christmas Party.

Click on the button below to download the Lone Star Award Nomination Form.

Lone Star Award Nomination Form

Lone Star Awardees from 1997 through present are as follows:

Johnny and Edie Downs Bill and Linda Ullom
Jan and Butch Haberman Don and Lois Beck
E.J. Jamison Murray and Kathy Clark
Jim and Peggy Dolan Tom Snodgrass
Randy and Wendy Amos Pat Eichinger
Mike and Ann Betts Nancy Hester
Joe Taylor Lonnie Eichinger
Ray Ward Donna Dawley
Crystal Marble and Bill Studley Ed Clark
Terry Carmichael Greg Hester
Janet Burnside Don and Karyn Fowler
Steve Wright Martha Kaus
Donna Griffin and Bobby Freeman Allen Kaus
Bill and Dottie Slocomb Janet Ellsworth
Gayla and Bob Burke Linda Walker
Ron and Sandy Fazio Curt Troster
Bruce Harris Terry and Judy Garrett
Marilyn Bechtol Phil and Kristina Davies
Bob Paton Robert Young
James and Cherrie Tubbs Laura and Craig Satterfield
Linda Shellberg  GH and Gaila Hodges
 Robert Shellberg Richard Herrick 
 Steve and Jo Jones Gary Nesta


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